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A Man Called Jayne

by NanaLeonti
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This design is no longer available :( Here on Qwertee, we only sell tees for a limited time only, after which they are gone forever! This design was previously available but is not any more. If you'd like to see this design return (we sometimes do reprints of popular designs) you can vote for it with the blue button above. Thanks!

About This Design:

The ballad of Jayne from the episode "Jaynestown" in the form of his famous hat! I've never done a typographic design before, quite proud of how it ended up! The Ballad of Jayne Jayne, the man they call Jayne He robbed from the rich And he gave to the poor Stood up to the man And gave him what for Our love for him now Ain't hard to explain The hero of Canton The man they call Jayne

The Artist: NanaLeonti

Stores: www.redbubble.com/people/athenaleonti www.society6.com/NanaLeonti www.facebook.com/NanaLeonti @NanaLeonti If you have bought something I designed, thank you so much!
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