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Flight of the Penguins

by Biotwist
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This design is no longer available :( Here on Qwertee, we only sell tees for a limited time only, after which they are gone forever! This design was previously available but is not any more. If you'd like to see this design return (we sometimes do reprints of popular designs) you can vote for it with the blue button above. Thanks!

About This Design:

From the artist that previous brought you our first ever tee "Robots in Disguise" and "Toast Busters" here's another lovely new design (that been up near the top of voting since we started) Biotwist says: "Those Penguins will do anything to be like their airborne brethren. There is just something I like about mixing balloons with penguins I'd love to see on a t-shirt" We agree, so here it is:)

The Artist: Biotwist

I'm just a dude who likes to make things... I want this world to have more detail and color even though I'm partially color blind. I paint, edit videos, sculpt, photograph, and draw. wile I am a decent artist I'm far from where i want to be with art but I'm working on it
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