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I Like New York

by Ben Yes Schwartz
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This design is no longer available :( Here on Qwertee, we only sell tees for a limited time only, after which they are gone forever! This design was previously available but is not any more. If you'd like to see this design return (we sometimes do reprints of popular designs) you can vote for it with the blue button above. Thanks!

About This Design:

In this Facebook driven country, the cliche "I Love New York" shirt definitely needs a new spin.

The Artist: Ben Yes Schwartz

Hi. I'm Ben Yes Schwartz, a Public Relations and Astronomy student at the University of Maryland, College Park. I like Pop Tarts and Twitter (twitter.com/BYSchwartz) I love sports (go Broncos), TV/movies, and radio. I've got my own alternative rock radio show on 88.1 WMUC (check it out, CtrlAltDeleteRadio.com) and have interned at SiriusXM in DC and NYC. I like Mac & Cheese. My fav shows are Lost, Doctor Who, Heroes, Fringe, Community, Misfits (UK), Firefly, Alphas, Breaking Bad, Jimmy Fallon, and tons of other comedies like Sunny, The Office, etc. I like Reeses. I own more shirts than my drawers can hold, which causes intense pains in my neck and ears. I like interstellar space and water. Like my radio show at www.facebook.com/CtrlAltDeleteRadio
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