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I Like New York

by Ben Yes Schwartz
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About This Design:

In this Facebook driven country, the cliche "I Love New York" shirt definitely needs a new spin.

The Artist: Ben Yes Schwartz

Hi. I'm Ben Yes Schwartz, a Public Relations and Astronomy student at the University of Maryland, College Park. I like Pop Tarts and Twitter ( I love sports (go Broncos), TV/movies, and radio. I've got my own alternative rock radio show on 88.1 WMUC (check it out, and have interned at SiriusXM in DC and NYC. I like Mac & Cheese. My fav shows are Lost, Doctor Who, Heroes, Fringe, Community, Misfits (UK), Firefly, Alphas, Breaking Bad, Jimmy Fallon, and tons of other comedies like Sunny, The Office, etc. I like Reeses. I own more shirts than my drawers can hold, which causes intense pains in my neck and ears. I like interstellar space and water. Like my radio show at
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