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Need Help !

by Kiji
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About This Design:

If we have learnt one thing in the first few months of Qwertee's existence it's that you guys have an insatiable (if not slightly creepy:) love of all things undead. Thus this excellent zombie based design by Kiji (of previous Mr T fame) has been hovering around the top of <a href="">our voting page</a> for quite some time and so we decided it was time to unleash it on the world of the living. On a side note, this is also our first print to the edge of the shirt, which is not of much interest to you guys (other than it looks good) but it took quite a while to perfect the art in our printroom! Anyway, hope you like it:)

The Artist: Kiji

My name's Kiji i'm a T-shirt designer, and i live in Nevers, FRANCE. I love Design, Video games, Manga, photograph and a lot of other things.
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