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You'll Miss Me if You Blink Twice

by zerobriant
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About This Design:

The Epic Battle that everybody has been waiting for :D Weeping Angel VS The Silence 4500++ Notes on Tumblr "A match so epic, you're going to forget you ever saw it."-Sandra Fenton "I WOULD SELL MY HOUSE AND EVERYTHING I LOVE FOR THIS"-rudebutnotaginger "OMG. BRB buying eyedrops so I never need to blink again."-glompkitty "EPIC STARE DOWN!!!!" -Ruth Jimenez Vote and comment, and you will get a chance to win some awesome vintage looking stickers! When this gets printed, I will be giving away posters and more stickers!! Happy Voting!

The Artist: zerobriant

I am just a small time artist
Profile Page: click here

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