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Buy a Tee, get a RANDOM one FREE! Our Week of AWESOME Offers Continues...

Posted: April 25th 2016

Hi Guys!

First, we had discount Prints, now our week of AWESOME OFFERS continues with an all new amazing deal!

Basically from today on, if you place an order for a regular (daily designs or stock tees) tee, print, sweater or hoodie you get a FREE RANDOM TEE also!

All you have to do to avail of this offer is to add a regular tee, print etc to your cart, after you add this item you'll immediately be given the opportunity to pick the size/gender of your Random Free Tee. We'll then send you an awesome random tee along with the tee, print etc that you have ordered. This random tee can be any of our previous 1000+ designs so you never know what you'll get (but trust us, they are all awesome!)

If for any reason you have problems adding your free tee to your cart, just remove any items in your cart and add them again making sure to add your free tees this time!

Better still, the more you buy, the more free random tees you get! So if you order 2 regular tees, prints etc you get 2 free random tees, order 3 to get 3 free etc. The maximum you can order is 4 regular tees, prints etc and 4 Free Random Tees (3 in the case of 2XL/3XL tees)

Stocks of Free Random Tees are very limited and this offer will end as soon as they sell out so be sure to order soon if you wish to avail of it!

Thanks, and we hope you love your tees:)

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