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TIME SHIFT: Our designs now change an hour earlier!

Posted: July 4th 2016

Hey guys! We asked all of you to vote to let us know if YOU thought that we should change the time that our tees are launched! It seems like you all loving getting to bed early and you overwhelmingly said to push it back by one hour, so that's exactly what we're doing :) We've had the same tee-launch time for over 5 years now so we're MEGA excited about this change.

From 4th July all tees will now be launched an hour earlier, when the timer hits ZERO (at 22.00 GMT and 23.00 CET)! To celebrate this big change, we'll be sending some discounts your way over the week so keep an eye out for these at our happy hour!

Just as a final remind, in case you have your eye on that one special tee this week and are leaving it to the last minute to purchase, make sure to buy it that hour sooner as otherwise you might miss out on the design :) Same goes for the Last Chance Tee price - this is going to be introduced an hour earlier!

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