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LoyalTEE Cards are Here!

Posted: June 3rd 2016

Hey there you awesome Qwertee-lover!

Just in case you haven't heard we've recently introduced one of our best features ever to say thanks to all of you for being great and loyal customers! This is the Qwertee LoyalTEE Card! What this means is that for every order that you place, you will receive ONE STAMP on your card and when you have placed 9 orders, you get a code to make the most expensive tee in your 10th order COMPLETELY FREE!

It's as simple as that :) Qwertee fans really are the best customers in the world so we thought this would be a great way to say thanks!

If you've placed orders previously, we've even filled in a few stamps for you already to get you started! You can check out your LoyalTEE card by clicking here while logged into your account:

So get placing your orders to get up to that free tee, and once again thanks for being the best customers!

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