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It's the Eggcelent Easter MEGA InsaniTEE Sale!

Posted: March 23rd 2016

Hi Guys,

We're very excitied to tell you about our biggest sale EVER on Qwertee, the Mega InsaniTEE!

What's it all about? We'll it's your chance to get RANDOM previous tees at simply AWESOME prices.

So for 24 hours (or less if stock sells out) you can get tees for an astonishing £4/€5/$6 Random Tees, £10/€12/$14 Sweats and £12/€15/$15 Hoods!

To make things even better we're offering SUPER SHIPPING (You can order up to 8 tees at a time* and shipping from 3 tees on is FREE!)

To see just a few of the possible designs you might get click on the tee above. There are almost 1000 possible designs available this time some going back several years! You can order up to 8 shirts per order (*6 in the case of 2/3XL) and you won't get the same shirt twice in the same order.

You can see just some of the possible designs here: https://www.facebook.com/Qwertee

And what if you don't like the tee(s) you get? Well check out our forums where you can trade your tee with someone else. This way you should be able to get almost any tee you want for next to nothing! We only have a limited number of tees available so order fast before they sell out!

But be aware stock is very limited, as soon as we sell out these tees are gone, so you need to move fast if you want to get one.

Discount codes don't work during the sale either, we're already losing far too much on each tee you buy! Also shirts bought during the sale cannot be exchanged/returned like with our regular designs.

Be sure to check out our forums if you want to trade your tee, someone is always sure to want the one you have and swap it for one you are looking for!

Good Luck, and we hope you get the tees you want!

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