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Bad News: Slight Price Increase:( Good News: You Can Mostly Avoid It:)

Posted: January 26th 2017

Hi Guys,

Qwertee is just over 6 years old. During that time we've never increased the price of our tees. However during this time all of our costs in running Qwertee (blank tees, posting tees, even free sweets!) have increased hugely. Up until now we've always absorbed these increases but unfortunately that approach is only sustainable for so long. Therefore, to make sure we keep Qwertee going far into the future, we have to increase the cost of the majority of our products slightly by €1/£1/$1 from today onwards.

But there is some good news to go with this. We just launched our all new and improved "Daily Tee-Mail" which will keep you up to date with every new tee released on Qwertee each day. This means that by being signed up for our Daily Tee-Mail you will now get a new exclusive discount code for €1/£1/$1 off on Qwertee EVERY DAY. So by being signed up for the new and improved Tee-Mail you can pretty much avoid these price increases!

While nobody likes price increases (least of all Qwerteebot, it is quite complicated for him to reprogram his pricing module) the added benefit is that they help us to keep going and hopefully growing Qwertee even bigger in 2017 and beyond. We have a whole host of new features and plans in the pipeline that we think you're going to love and we can't wait to share with you so stay tuned for more!

Your Friend, Qwerteebot (and his human helpers)

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