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  1. Why do you guys put every good design on black shirts?

    Posted: May 22nd 2016
    Posted by: thunderotom

    I was pretty impatient to buy the tree of gondor design and also the deadpool (from yesterday). But when these designs were put on sale. The color of the shirt was changed to black whereas the artists work wasn't in black.

    I just want to choose my shirt colors. And I will buy way more tees if I can do so, I'm even ready to pay a little extra for it.

  2. Posted: May 22nd 2016
    Posted by: BerenKaneda

    Definitley I´ll buy more shirts if I could choose the colours. I´m tired of having almost all design black. Today´s sale... Vegeta´s shirt is Navy but Piccolo one cant be slightly green or purple? cmon...

  3. Posted: May 23rd 2016
    Posted by: Kaurmath

    +1 for colour options!

  4. Posted: May 23rd 2016
    Posted by: skranser


  5. Posted: May 24th 2016
    Posted by: TatewakiKuno

    i have a lot of tees from qwertee , the fact is that the prints are looking better on black tees then on white or grey . maybe there should be a colour option but if not, i am fine with all black (or white) dont experiment with other colors for the tees qwertee

  6. Posted: May 25th 2016
    Posted by: pickarooney

    I would never buy a black shirt. They look muck on me. Anything but black!

  7. Posted: May 29th 2016
    Posted by: Yvi

    I would love to choose the color for the shirts. I admit that most designs look the best on black but some themes just have to be on a specific color. It would be great if everyone could just choose what color he wants, maybe even just three till five options (the basics: black and white, and three additional colors chosen by the artist - colors suiting the topic ).

  8. Posted: June 1st 2016
    Posted by: Linachen

    I prefer black shirts, and actually rarely buy a design it if isnt on a black shirt. But color choices would be great for everyone :)

  9. Posted: June 5th 2016
    Posted by: Skyarea06

    Yepp, shirt colour option would be great. I would also buy much more tees then... AT the Moment everything is black black black :-/

  10. Posted: June 12th 2016
    Posted by: CanOspam

    Hell yea! Excactly why I came in here. Come on qwertee people, make with the shirt colour selections!

  11. Posted: June 13th 2016
    Posted by: CanOspam

    I really wanted the Moe's tavern, and the a girl has no name, and the umbrella Corp. But all on black? I want none of them! Even white would have been ok. So disappointed. Are you guys going to feature them again at some stage but in another colour? My money keeps asking me to ask you!

  12. Posted: June 16th 2016
    Posted by: Ochobu

    Most other sites have colour options for shirts, even if it is just two options. They sometimes do black and one other colour but it seems like it would be easy enough to pick a colour or two for each shirt, especially if you have the artist pick it. I donèt need any more black shirts, and I wouldnt buy a white shirt if you paid me.

  13. Posted: June 20th 2016
    Posted by: Red Monkey

    I fully agree that the lack of any colour option is a real and is leading clearly to a loss of potential sales. I regularly see tees I like but am put off by the fact that it is another black, dark grey or less dark grey tee. Surely offering even alternative colour chosen by the artist might help remedy this clear issue.

  14. Posted: June 24th 2016
    Posted by: chibiromeo

    I'm held out of an instant buy at least once a week because the shirt is once again black (Or white today, I bought a white shirt on here once and it just doesn't look right). Haven't bought a shirt in forever because of it. :/

  15. Posted: August 7th 2016
    Posted by: modestmouse1983

    I totally agree - an extra choice of tshirt colour or two would make all the difference to my purchases. Other similar sites offer this.

  16. Posted: August 7th 2016
    Posted by: RealityCheck

    I submitted my design on pale blue and light grey. Qwertee put the grey one up for votes. At least its a little bit different from the constant stream of black tees. My next design will be on red :)

  17. Posted: August 9th 2016
    Posted by: jazmac

    So many T-shirts I've passed on buying because the only colour was black (which I personally think is boring).

  18. Posted: August 14th 2016
    Posted by: Hannah132

    Just adding my name to the want for more colour please. I'm not a huge fan of black tees so would definitely buy more if there were more colour options, even just blue,red, grey or white.

  19. Posted: August 18th 2016
    Posted by: IRONLEG

    +3 billions

  20. Posted: August 18th 2016
    Posted by: IRONLEG


    +3 billions

  21. Posted: August 19th 2016
    Posted by: Luxya

    I am all for it! I mostly want all my tees to be black and I've skipped on a lot of really cool designs because they were printed on a light-colored tee , or a color that really looks horrible with my tan, so I'm all for color choices. Give us a chance to choose white, black and a color. If there was always an option to choose the print on a black tee I'd be thrilled :)

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