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  1. You need to add girls shirts with a wider neck or V-neck

    Posted: September 28th 2017
    Posted by: ellchen

    Pleeeaaaase, add this. I hate the actual girls cut shirts. I do not buy it anymore.

  2. Posted: October 1st 2017
    Posted by: Itsu

    I wouldn't go as far as saying I hate them but it is true that I would absolutely love a different cut for the women's shirts..

  3. Posted: October 2nd 2017
    Posted by: Kyrfael

    I don't like the girl cut shirts neither. But the tanks shirts are good. It would be nice to have them for girls shirts. (sorry if my english is not right)

  4. Posted: October 13th 2017
    Posted by: Fairywen

    I also think that V-neck shirts would be great !

  5. Posted: October 13th 2017
    Posted by: Sushun

    Same, not a fan of the strangle-y feeling of a round neck :/

  6. Posted: October 13th 2017
    Posted by: CrimsonFury73

    Yes! Get that collar a little lower and I'd buy a lot more tees! Constantly pulling the neck out to get rid of that choking feeling lol

  7. Posted: November 8th 2017
    Posted by: miminoushka

    I agree with the others comments, i think a V neck shirt would extend your girls community here. Because your actually cut around the neck is very uncomfortable for girls who aren't used to wear that cut, it's more a man neck cut usually.

  8. Posted: November 16th 2017
    Posted by: Blandine3

    I concur, I would go completetly broke if you would just change the collar. I love your tees, but not their cut!

  9. Posted: November 20th 2017
    Posted by: Freestylehonor

    that would be a great idea. I love the tees and the print. but i don’t like the high collar in the summer. A v-neck would be really nice and a lot more feminine

  10. Posted: November 26th 2017
    Posted by: nix171

    Absolutely! I really hate T-shirts with this cut, I never buy them. Mostly because they are uncomfortable and they generally look bad on me (and most girls actually). A V-neck or an oval shape that's a bit lower would be much appreciated! I'm also sure you'd get more purchases. Most girls prefer a V-cut and a lower cut shirts.

  11. Posted: November 29th 2017
    Posted by: hopperyelena

    I also need deep V neck T-shirt.every time deep V neck T-shirt looked like branded one....

  12. Posted: November 30th 2017
    Posted by: Madrac

    Another vote for V neck

  13. Posted: November 30th 2017
    Posted by: FranziT


  14. Posted: December 8th 2017
    Posted by: Tanaka77


  15. Posted: December 8th 2017
    Posted by: rolloverpudding

    agreed! v-neck, crew cut, something a little more feminine and i'd be all over these. the amount of tees i want but just buy for the other half because i don't feel very feminine in the t-shirts... sad times. you'd get twice as many sales from me alone!!

  16. Posted: December 9th 2017
    Posted by: martinharvey153

    Two women in this house would love a v neckline please !

  17. Posted: December 14th 2017
    Posted by: Tarac

    Yes v-necks please

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