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  1. Fairtrade T-Shirts & Sweaters

    Posted: November 16th 2017
    Posted by: ziminvader

    Yes, i know everyone wants cheap and many T-Shirts and yeah I know most people don't give a s.... about fairtrade or environmentally friendly clothes.

    But... what about the few people who give, who care? People who want to pay a little more for less things, who rate quality over quantity?

    Maybe, just maybe there is a small chance of a possibility to create a category for those folks. I really like the creative styles of the prints, I bought some shirts too and I would like to buy an ugly sweater for christmas....

    But it bothers me that I can only buy these great prints on cheap t-shirts that are (mostly) produced under awful conditions and shipped around the globe (to create tons of co2) before they get a nice and outstanding image.

    So I would be very happy if in near future there could a category of fairtrade cotton shirts and sweaters. Do something remarkable, show that you care. I thinks you will get quite more customers to enjoy your great work.

    Thanks for your patience.

  2. Posted: November 21st 2017
    Posted by: LadyNyan

    I think it's a great idea !

  3. Posted: November 28th 2017
    Posted by: Athanos

    I agree too! By the way, what is Qwertee policy regarding the quality of the t-shirts? Where do they come from? How do they control the way they are being made? I could accept to pay more (20€ a tshirt maybe?) if for sure I knew that everything was granted all the way from cotton labor to manufacturing!

  4. Posted: May 31st 2018
    Posted by: Maliro

    So true. I love Qwertee' designs and bought several of them. But I do not do it anymore because of that. If Qwertee launched a more ethical category, I'd love to keep on renewing my wardrobe!

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