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  1. Sweater on women

    Posted: November 16th 2017
    Posted by: Blandine3


    I love sweaters but the only model is for men. Have any women bought a sweater for themselves? How does it fit? I can't seem to find this information anywhere... Thanks a lot!

  2. Posted: November 16th 2017
    Posted by: Hexagonalprune

    Hi, The sweaters are good quality and a medium will fit a 36 inch bust and are not a 'baggy' fit but more of a slim fit. The arm length is a little long and slightly wide across the shoulders, but is very comfortable to wear. In all a good unisex sweater. I've just purchased my third this evening and can vouch for them as being great for women :0)

  3. Posted: November 23rd 2017
    Posted by: BloodyNib

    I've been looking at the sweaters for quite some time myself but couldn't get myself to buy any. I'm wearing the women's L in t-shirts... which size would you recommend in the sweater? I'd really appreciate any help.

  4. Posted: November 24th 2017
    Posted by: Pomme

    Where do you guys see any sweaters, beside with the "today" designs?

    I want to buy sweaters very much, but not of today designs, I want old designs, even if I have to pay more...

  5. Posted: November 24th 2017
    Posted by: legendofthebluebird

    @Pomme I think they only print the shirts etc. as they are ordered and maybe a few shirts extra to sell later for a higher price. So, when a design is gone, you are lucky if you can still get the shirt, but with sweaters I think there's no chance. Sorry.

  6. Posted: November 30th 2017
    Posted by: FrlWunderlich

    The sweaters are generally speaking comfortable but they are very tight on the hips lately. I have purchased several sweaters over time and the models from last year still fit perfectly. This year they switched the fit to a slimmer one and since men have more of a V-figure, it is not fitting that well for someone with wider hips. Of course you can order up but depending on your height and shoulders and all, it might get a little saggy around the shoulders and arms.

  7. Posted: December 4th 2017
    Posted by: Hexagonalprune

    In reply to 'BloodyNib', I wear a Qwertee women's large tee as they come up small, but find a sweater in medium fits great for me :0)

  8. Posted: December 4th 2017
    Posted by: Hexagonalprune

    In reply to 'Pomme', I believe that sweaters can only be purchased with the new daily design on and 'last chance tees'. Older designs as seen in the tee shop are available as tees only even though the option may be available to select a sweater.

  9. Posted: December 6th 2017
    Posted by: BloodyNib

    In Replikation to Hexagonalprune, thank you very much! That does help me a lot.

  10. Posted: December 10th 2017
    Posted by: ElsieH

    Hello! I am a woman - 5'9 and large chested. I usually wear a men's medium in qwertee tops but got a Large in the sweater and it fits perfectly. I also wish that sweaters were available to buy in all the tee shop designs. I love mine so much and want more !!

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