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  1. Women's tees for men

    Posted: November 27th 2017
    Posted by: Alcedo

    Hello to everybody, I want to ask to you all what are the differences between the women's tees and the men's tees sold by Qwertee. I mean, do the women's tees fit tighter than the men's tees or they are equal? I'm asking this because during the cyber monday I saw a design with a very low price but it's avaible only for woman.

  2. Posted: November 27th 2017
    Posted by: merykinder

    Yeah, the women's tees are smaller, fit tighter and the sleeves are shorter. But if you check the size chart, with the measures, and pick a big size, it may fit you well...

  3. Posted: November 27th 2017
    Posted by: Alcedo

    Thank you, merykinder. Apparently the design is gone now :(

  4. Posted: November 29th 2017
    Posted by: hopperyelena

    Thanks, merykinder...

  5. Posted: December 9th 2017
    Posted by: mkLEDA

    Since a Small in mens size is a Large in womens tees (because why the hell not), I would recommend you to choose very carefully your size and if possible just not to ever choose womens tees over mens ones. Otherwise, same quality and rendering.

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