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  1. Warning: order might take over 5 weeks to arrive!

    Posted: December 6th 2017
    Posted by: niguanta

    I ordered my t-shirts on the 20th of November. Now they confirmed the order will be delivered on the 25th of December. Having in mind that these were Christmas gifts the whole order is now completely useless.

    Be careful with when you order your t-shirts because they may say it will be dispatched fast but 1 month later if you are lucky you might get your order.

  2. Posted: December 7th 2017
    Posted by: JennyThalia

    My T-shirt was dispatched on the 30th, but no sign of it yet :( I've had stuff from other countries arrive in less time!

  3. Posted: December 9th 2017
    Posted by: MashedPotatoes

    Are you sure it is confirmed on the 25th? Can't imagine they will know the exact date. I rather think the 25th is the max. Check the order mail you got. It will say something like your tshirts will arrive between 5 and 14 december.

  4. Posted: December 9th 2017
    Posted by: kabum

    I ordered around your date and get them today December 9. So maybe in 2.5 or3 weeks time in total. The date that appear in the info is the maximum date, not the actual date you will recieve them.

  5. Posted: December 11th 2017
    Posted by: JeremyBeach

    Received my November order today (11 December) in UK. The delivery date description was clear at point of sale and the shirts were delivered as expected. So here's hoping yours will arrive in time for Christmas!

  6. Posted: December 17th 2017
    Posted by: Rasmusxmel

    I ordered on the 9th of December, dispatch date is apparently the 15th, but my tshirts say still in production and that there is a delay as usual so will I get my Xmas gifts in time? Who knows -shrug- should have ordered in October.

  7. Posted: December 19th 2017
    Posted by: Rapunzel377

    I’ve ordered mine on November 30th for a Christmas present (surely 20 days is enough time!) I have just checked the email which says latest delivery by December 24th which is okay, but the link I’ve clicked on has just told me ‘don’t worry your order will be no later than January 4th’ this is the first time I’ve ever ordered from Qwertee after looking at the new tees everyday for years, always wanting one but never sure when to wear it, recommending this site to all of my friends. I’m so disappointed, it’s a joke.

  8. Posted: December 19th 2017
    Posted by: tanithrea

    I ordered start of Dec, and it was shipped on dec 13TH which is fine, now saying delivery somewhere between 17th and 24th no later than jan 4th! After 23rd is going to be hard to make use of cause one of the items is for a mate I won’t see after that and of what use is January! I can’t see how if paying nearly £8 for delivery that the fastest delivery is 5-11+ days with a max of 22days!! I’ve ordered more and heavier items from outside the eu that have come faster than this. Not a site I would reccomend based on the delivery, I loved the designs and shard with people but now I have to say don’t if you need for a set date, or order 2-3months in advance to try and be on time for a specific date. Silly delivery times letting this whole company down.

  9. Posted: December 27th 2017
    Posted by: ValC

    I ordered well within the time limits for dispatch before Christmas as advertised on the website to then receive an email two weeks after ordering saying “will receive between 24th -28th December and no later than 4th Jan! You would think advertising dispatch before Christmas would guarantee the shirts would arrive intime for Christmas but NO! Husbands Christmas ruined his present still crawling its way to me in the slowest delivery ever! Love the ts on this site but worse than useless delivery has put me off using it again!i suggest improve ur delivery service or you’re going to loose lots more Customers!!!

  10. Posted: January 20th 2018
    Posted by: HouseUK

    well i placed my first order in xmas day and was told deliver by the 12th, its now the 20th and still nothing, queried the lack of delivery and haven't even heard back yet.

    So much for Guaranteed delivery.

    i will give then till the 30th then back charge my credit card

  11. Posted: January 24th 2018
    Posted by: ferorraptor

    I ordered my shirt in December 26th, it hasn't arrive yet, what should I do?

  12. Posted: January 25th 2018
    Posted by: ferorraptor

    Nvm it arrived today lol

  13. Posted: January 30th 2018
    Posted by: miSko

    Order in 29dec, and still nothing :(

  14. Posted: May 11th 2018
    Posted by: Ellifein

    what is the maximum time you waited for an order? I made two orders in winter, and did'nt receive anything :( Does it make sense to continue to wait?

  15. Posted: May 24th 2018
    Posted by: makeena

    Since no one has answered yet: Look at what it says on your order, when the last possible date has passed, it's time for a query. Generally, it depends on whether it's a shop order or a daily tee. Never wait more than 3 weeks for a shop order if you're within Europe. Usually I get orders within no more than 2 weeks (excluding holidays). For daily tees, you should expect about 10 days for production since they are not in stock. Plus delivery as above. So, query back after a month unless there have been many holidays. And always look at the given dates.

  16. Posted: May 24th 2018
    Posted by: Ellifein

    Thanks for answer. So, if passed more then 7 weeks after resending, wait is pointless :( One of reshipped order arrived after 5 weeks, but another, which was recieved few days early, didn't :(

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