Christmas Orders: Any Daily Tee ordered before 10pm on 16th Dec will dispatch before Christmas. Any Tee Shop Tee ordered before 10pm GMT on 18th Dec will dispatch before Christmas.

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  1. Warning: order might take over 5 weeks to arrive!

    Posted: December 6th 2017
    Posted by: niguanta

    I ordered my t-shirts on the 20th of November. Now they confirmed the order will be delivered on the 25th of December. Having in mind that these were Christmas gifts the whole order is now completely useless.

    Be careful with when you order your t-shirts because they may say it will be dispatched fast but 1 month later if you are lucky you might get your order.

  2. Posted: December 7th 2017
    Posted by: JennyThalia

    My T-shirt was dispatched on the 30th, but no sign of it yet :( I've had stuff from other countries arrive in less time!

  3. Posted: December 9th 2017
    Posted by: MashedPotatoes

    Are you sure it is confirmed on the 25th? Can't imagine they will know the exact date. I rather think the 25th is the max. Check the order mail you got. It will say something like your tshirts will arrive between 5 and 14 december.

  4. Posted: December 9th 2017
    Posted by: kabum

    I ordered around your date and get them today December 9. So maybe in 2.5 or3 weeks time in total. The date that appear in the info is the maximum date, not the actual date you will recieve them.

  5. Posted: December 11th 2017
    Posted by: JeremyBeach

    Received my November order today (11 December) in UK. The delivery date description was clear at point of sale and the shirts were delivered as expected. So here's hoping yours will arrive in time for Christmas!

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