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  1. [FR/EN] Men Large Tees to trade

    Posted: July 29th 2018
    Posted by: Nightmarre


    I have some tees to trade too, all are Men Large. I am living in europe, in France though. Have no hesitation in questionning or proposing any trade, and considering selling too. Have a nice watch, and day !

    J'ai donc des tee shirts homme large à échanger voire éventuellement à vendre ! ;-)


    Lego The movie

    There is no try The Scout (Attack of the Titan, Eran Jaeger Silhouette)


    Not too old

    Red Panda

    Comfort Zone

    Diablo 3 Tyrael (Jinx)

    Assassin's Creed 3 (Abystyle)

    Hoodie Assassin's creed inspired

  2. Posted: October 26th 2018
    Posted by: loickhoffmann

    Salut ! J'ai deux t-shirts à te proposer si ça t'intéresse. N'hésite pas si l'un d'eux t'intéresse pour un échange ;) Perso je suis intéressé par l'Evoli Bonne journée

    Hey ! I have two tshirts to exchange at disposal

    Roll Initiative Man XL :
    Without the Other Woman L :

  3. Posted: October 30th 2018
    Posted by: kitsukidoud

    interessé par le 42 ou le "The Scout"

    j'ai en Men Large:

  4. Posted: December 6th 2018
    Posted by: Kizra

    Hey, are you still trading tees? I know this is a few months old.

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