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  1. Lower necks and V neck for women

    Posted: August 15th 2018
    Posted by: Ticiana

    I love the prints and I also love the shape of the women’s tees, but I’d rather they had the neck line just a bit lower... or they had a V neck... girls in the community do u agree??

  2. Posted: October 27th 2018
    Posted by: MagickMaggie

    I'd love a V neck option in both men's and women's. Just placed my first order (several shirts, too) and I'm a little worried about the fit. I was tempted to go with the women's, but I don't like things tight, particularly around the waist, so I try to order things a little bigger, especially if they might shrink. I chose to buy men's this time, because they said slim cut, but now I'm already worried they might taper at the waist... And, since I have no idea how those actually fit, I wonder if I should've gone up a size... How do the women's fit?

  3. Posted: November 6th 2018
    Posted by: PancakePoro


  4. Posted: November 9th 2018
    Posted by: Barbieface

    Yeah either a wider collar or V neck would make me V happy... see what I did there? No? Ok bye.... 😂

  5. Posted: November 12th 2018
    Posted by: michele654

    Let me also ask for larger women's cut sizes. I know the sizes are UK sizing, and US sizes are much different, but I can only order mens shirts for myself, and I would love a larger women's cut size.

    Yes, I'm fat, but I buy your tees....

  6. Posted: November 27th 2018
    Posted by: GestrandeteKokosnuss

    Oooooooh yes, I'm so tired of the choking necklines...

  7. Posted: November 27th 2018
    Posted by: kucabara

    Hi, I had the same problem too, I found their XXXL sizes used lower quality material, that might have changed now. I was hoping if you could tell me if the XXL womens would make a nice night gown for a 12 year old girl who is around 5'3

  8. Posted: November 28th 2018
    Posted by: Zita79

    And/Or tank tops! I have wearing sleeves around my shoulders... Pretty please? :)

  9. Posted: November 29th 2018
    Posted by: MaBomination

    Hello, I own many Qwertee t-shirts (they have become my brother's present of choice for mevery occasion and I love them!), but the necks are indeed a bit too tight. Having a lower-neck, V-neck, or tank top version would be the thing that tips the scales from great tee to perfect tee. I hope this will taken in consideration, thank you!

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