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  1. Frames for Prints.

    Posted: August 29th 2018
    Posted by: MrTriCky

    Has anyone in the UK found any decent frames yet?

    I've been told if you chop the white border off they should fit an A3 frame, but even then those aren't exactly standard and easy to come by.

    Someone help me out, they've been sat in their tube for what feels like an eternity.



  2. Posted: September 10th 2018
    Posted by: Failee2986

    dont know if you have had any luck but generally ikea is your best bet

  3. Posted: September 16th 2018
    Posted by: Evokans

    I'm interested in this too - bump!

  4. Posted: September 30th 2018
    Posted by: adamtippelt

    I spent ages looking for a frame, and the best solution I found came from someone else on this forum - get a frame bigger than the print, but has a 'mount' that can fill the space between the frame and the photo. The closest to this is the RIBBA frame from IKEA:

    The frame is 40cm x 50cm, but the mount brings this down to 29cm x 40cm (print size is 32cm x 45cm). You lose a little off the edge (hidden by the mount), but for the print I got this was just black space anyway, and I think the mount makes it look nicer. Plus, no cutting required and the frame only costs £7!

    For reference, this is a picture of my print in the frame:

  5. Posted: October 2nd 2018
    Posted by: FragilePanda

    I was going to go with these frames too, but as the Ribba frames are large and boxy, we decided to go for the Fiskbo. They're not glass, its plastic but looks pretty nice. Ikea link: I don't hae a picture of what they look like, but they look nice :)

  6. Posted: December 5th 2018
    Posted by: Chucky2910

    Hi FragilePanda,

    you linked the Riskbo Frame, but the size aren't fitting the prints do you have to cut the print for that frame?

  7. Posted: December 6th 2018
    Posted by: matej86

    I've use the black frames Wilko have. Slight cut off at the top and bottom but nothing that will matter too much. I can't remember the exact size but take a print with you to check against the inside of the mount. These are two qwertee prints inside them.

  8. Posted: December 12th 2018
    Posted by: Chucky2910

    Your link doesn't work...

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