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  1. Shirt quality

    Posted: September 12th 2012
    Posted by: dcrosskill

    I've been seeing a few comments on facebook and on this website about qwertee shirts being of poor quality. Do people generally agree that this is the case?

  2. Posted: September 12th 2012
    Posted by: enoren

    i think 95% of people is completely happy about the tees quality (me also), just watch the facebook page and all the posts! haters gonna hate!

  3. Posted: September 12th 2012
    Posted by: whatson

    The shirts aren't the best quality but to be honest for 10 euros I'm not expecting it. 'Tis good enough for what I'm paying. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  4. Posted: September 13th 2012
    Posted by: JamieIII

    Mine have all been great quality, not even just for the low price. No complaints about either the shirt or printing.

  5. Posted: September 13th 2012
    Posted by: Gallifreya

    I've only had one, but it's fantastic quality.

  6. Posted: September 13th 2012
    Posted by: thischarmingfan

    I have tees from a few different sites and I think the ones I have from Qwertee have the best quality screen printing and the tee itself is the best.

  7. Posted: September 13th 2012
    Posted by: celeryjacket

    I've ordered quite a few shirts from here and only one has ever caused me any grief (it faded quite a bit after the first wash sadly). For the most part they wash very well and hold up really nice :)

  8. Posted: September 13th 2012
    Posted by: paulychilds

    I would say, for all shirts, not just Qwertee ones, that any small details will eventually obscure over the a series of washes. My <a href="http://www.qwertee.com/product/spoiler-alert/">Spoiler Alert</a> shirt, which went on sale a few months back being one in point - it has tiny writing on it which, after three washes, is almost unreadable. Luckily, whenever Qwertee have printed one of my designs I have always bought two copies! One to wear and one as a keepsake.

  9. Posted: September 13th 2012
    Posted by: welshrob87

    I find the quality pretty good. Have bought shirts from another site for over double the price and they have deformed alot after a few washes. Not had a problem with any of the several Qwertee shirts I've bought deforming after being washed.

  10. Posted: May 29th 2016
    Posted by: JaviAusten

    I want to say something about this topic. I've already bought about 9 qwertee shirts , so I consider myself a good customer. And I have to say that at first , with the first shirts , I loved the concept of being able to buy T-shirts with actual current films or animation. The quality is good too. But I have to mention that the print size is becoming smaller, and one shirt that could be amazing (for example a recent with the character of Rey of Star Wars) with the print so small, makes it a little worse. It's the only complaint I have.

  11. Posted: June 3rd 2016
    Posted by: 3shirts

    They are very good, especially for what you pay. My first Qwertee shirt has been through the cycle of wear & wash dozens of times and is still in great condition and the image still bold and colourful. I have found a couple had the thread in the stitching start to come out a little but not enough to actually come apart or anything, and that's after many wears and washes. For the price you pay, they stand up very well.

  12. Posted: June 4th 2016
    Posted by: TheLost

    I think the quality of the shirts is fine, but they could be of a bit thicker fabric. these shirts are "Gildan soft" but Gildan also sells them in "heavy" which have better quality in general. I would gladly pay a bit more to have my prints on those. I already have like 20-30 Shirts already and will stay a customer even with the current shirts.

  13. Posted: June 7th 2016
    Posted by: Perrath

    I personally unfortunately have to disagree on many opinions here. The shirts I received (total of 8 orders, about 20 to 25 tees because of InsaniTee sales) had 3 bad ones in them (every time the seam was broken and there was a hole). Qwertee handled all of these really well and sent me replacements, but 3 out of 25 tees are too many imho. Now it may just have been bad luck, but this is my experience.

    On the other hand, the prints itself are pretty high quality as far as I can tell. I've had more expensive tees from other places with a way worse print quality.

    So all in all, qwertee does their job really well, but the shirt supplier might have some QA issues (at least from what I have experienced). Oh, and I would also greatly appreciate paying up to 5€ more to get tees with thicker fabric.

  14. Posted: June 16th 2016
    Posted by: JonTakahiro

    Lately I've been having issues with seems becoming loose after only a few washes. The prints can fade/lose some detail but no worse than most "official" shirts. Qwertee seems better than most print shops in that regard definitely.

    My only gripe is the lower seems around the waist, I have several shirts that have lost seems or become really loose there now.

  15. Posted: June 18th 2016
    Posted by: RealityCheck

    My fave shirt has gotten quite loose after only a few washes which is very disappointing. It fitted great initially, but it's now very loose, I would prefer heavy cotton Gildan.

  16. Posted: June 27th 2016
    Posted by: Zekat

    I bought almost 25 T-shirt in 2 or 3 years and the quality is really good. The only complain is that some of the Tee became smaller after the first wash and tht's disappointing. But it seems pretty new because my old ones are still goods even after more than 15 wash. The prints are still in place and just a little bit more passed but it's normal and add a little style. The best tee shop for me

  17. Posted: November 4th 2016
    Posted by: Zappman

    Ok. I also consider myself as a returning customer. I've bought over 15 shirts and this is what I think: The quality varies. The shirts seems to shrink and also the fitting seems to get loose. But, as someone already mentioned, you get what you pay for.

    With this in mind, can't Qwertee sell their shirt pre-shrunk? That is my only complaint.

  18. Posted: November 5th 2016
    Posted by: Madorin

    They actually sell pre-shrunk shirts. At least that's what it says in their FAQ section:

    “All 100% cotton shirts will shrink over their lifetime, some more than others. Qwertee uses preshrunk cotton t shirts, these tend to shrink less than other shirts. We carried out our own extensive testing of our Qwertee t shirts and found that on average our shirts will shrink by about 1-2.5 cm in length and up to 1cm in width over the course of 30 washes.“

    I would agree that they get a bit smaller over time but not that much. Haven't had problems with that.

    Also I think for this price, the quality is great. They last me longer than some other shirts which I paid more for. And the print still looks great on all of them despite washing them many times.

    Maybe the people complaining are referring to bigger (2XL and larger) or children sized shirts? As far as I know they use other shirts for those sizes. Maybe they don't work as well with the printing technique...? I think it's Froot of the Loom instead of Gildan. I'm not completely sure about that and it could have been changed in the past...

  19. Posted: November 5th 2016
    Posted by: truesamurai

    Ive ordered new shirts recently and they've been weird in there fit, too short and too baggy.

  20. Posted: November 13th 2016
    Posted by: Darkdragon83

    well i think the quality is good but changes quite a bit, so you have to be a little bit lucky too so it seemes to me, that the size (women xl for me) isnt exactly the same every time, the first two shirts i bought here are a bit wider then the next three i bought, which are quite narrow at the shoulders, the last ones are wider again... also i got two, and my husband one shirt, where the stitches under the arms got loose and i had to stitch them by myself... but they are wonderful to wash and for this price iam not complaining

  21. Posted: November 27th 2016
    Posted by: Mulletino

    The prints have always been great quality* (especially compared to the other sites) but for me the quality of the shirt material has changed over this year, going from the thicker weave to a thinner one, which isn't as resilient and more like what the other sites use.

    *(out of 9 or so shirts, i've had one off-centre, enough to be annoying but not enough to return.)

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