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  1. Womens Tees, Looking for advice.

    Posted: November 12th 2018
    Posted by: Thraia

    Hey guys and gals,

    I ordered a Qwertee woman's shirt about a year ago and it was a terrible fit. It cut into my armpits and the shoulders were way too small. I have since ordered men's tees but the neckline is so high that I still don't wear them. Have the womens shirts become any better in the last year?

    Also, any info from Qwertee about possible lower necklines?

  2. Posted: November 20th 2018
    Posted by: Crankia

    V neckline / lower neckline is the thing that i miss the Most here! Dear Qwertee teem, please help us! girls with boobs.

  3. Posted: December 1st 2018
    Posted by: harajukusupplies

    I ordered a load of the largest in a womens size (xxl). I'm a UK14, medium-ish chest, 5'5. They're not tight, not loose, don't cut in anywhere and are a great length for me (just over bottom length). I would imagine if a woman were large than a UK14 it might start to get a bit tight etc.

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