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  1. Buy a shirt in kids size

    Posted: November 26th 2018
    Posted by: Jofimaca

    Does anybody know how to choose a t shirt in kids size? Thank you

  2. Posted: December 4th 2018
    Posted by: MLuz

    I have the same questions, I can I search for kids size?

  3. Posted: December 6th 2018
    Posted by: stabarinde

    Yes please, can we add "Kids" into the size filter on the "tee shop" section?

  4. Posted: December 7th 2018
    Posted by: marinel

    QWERTEE do something! we are more interested in buying shirts for kids! Please!

  5. Posted: December 10th 2018
    Posted by: muadroid

    Please, add kids size! Thxs

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