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  1. WXXL tees

    Posted: November 27th 2018
    Posted by: kucabara

    Hi there, i have matched a few designs to my 12 year old niece, she is slim and around 5'3. She has been looking for new night gown tops, and though these are not designed to be long and flowly, I was thinking if I ordered them in a WXXL they would look and feel like a nightgown on her. Does anyone here own WXXL and could imagine it looking like a night gown on a little girl?

    Ps, bring back the black, white and red saitama design! I've lost weight and need it in a XXL!

  2. Posted: December 1st 2018
    Posted by: harajukusupplies

    I just got my wxxl t shirts. I'm 5'5, a UK size 14, 36C chest. It's a great fit - not too tight or loose, and comes down over my bottom so a good length. I'm thinking it may be quite long on your niece though?

  3. Posted: December 3rd 2018
    Posted by: kucabara

    thank you! That helped a lot,

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