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  1. Insanitee Duplicate in Order

    Posted: December 1st 2018
    Posted by: harajukusupplies

    Please do correct me if I'm wrong, but are you not supposed to get duplicates in one order? (I ordered the x8 t shirts in one order). I can't seem to find much if any information apart from people advising you shouldn't get duplicates in a single order, but may across two? Thanks.

  2. Posted: December 4th 2018
    Posted by: Netvire

    I ordered 8 Tees and got a duplicate of everyone x) Very cool :/

  3. Posted: December 4th 2018
    Posted by: wolfmanlee

    I have received completely the wrong shirts from my order, shame there is no contact number, just e-mail!

  4. Posted: December 4th 2018
    Posted by: tbrn23

    Encargé 2 paquetes de camisetas random, y en los 2 paquetes me vinieron exactamente las mismas camisetas.

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