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  1. T-Shirt Identification

    Posted: December 3rd 2018
    Posted by: bastien09

    Hey there!

    Can you help me identify these awesome designs I got on random shirts during last InsaniTEE :



  2. Posted: December 4th 2018
    Posted by: Netvire

    The secound one looks like the bridge from khazad-dûm from lord of the rings

  3. Posted: December 4th 2018
    Posted by: bastien09

    Thanks Netvire, looks like you're right. I'm not a big fan of heroic fantasy, so hard to catch the references for the first two.
    I don't know if the third one references anything but I just love the design and wanted to see other things made by the same person, but got no luck searching with what looks like a signature ("Daisy 2018")

  4. Posted: December 5th 2018
    Posted by: Ashytaka

    The first one is from Legend of Zelda, with the Sword being the Master Sword and the Dragon being "Farosh", one of the 3 Dragons in Breath of the Wild, the latest installment. While the colors don't match your image, the design is definitely "Wild Starry Sky" by ChocolateRaisinFury.

    The second one is indeed from Lord of the Rings and is called "Nameless Terror" on Qwertee, by the artist vptrinidad.

    The third one is called "Geisha Dream" by Daisyartlab.

    You can find them all and their other work via Google, hope this helped :)

  5. Posted: December 5th 2018
    Posted by: bastien09

    Wow, amazing answer Ashytaka!
    Thanks a lot :)

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