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  1. How Voting Works: Improvements and Changes Updated for 2016

    Posted: March 24th 2014
    Posted by: Qwertee

    Hey Guys,

    There seem to be a lot of threads here about the voting system and how it works so we thought we'd throw up a sticky post to cover it.

    So here's how it works:

    (1) Designs are approved/rejected. If approved designs will go into either the "New Designs: Selected" section (where we put the strongest 25 or so designs we get each day) or the "New Designs: All" which contains all the designs we've approved. If your design does not make the selected section it's because we didn't feel it was strong enough or maybe was very similar to other ones. If your design is rejected for any reason you should get an email about it.

    (2) All designs are now up for voting for the same length of time, this is now 3 weeks. This gives every design an equal chance to pick up votes to make things fairer. At the end of the 3 weeks you won't be able to vote on designs any more but they will still show up in the artists profile page, as designs you've voted for etc.

    (2.5) Updated for 2016: The 50 most recently uploaded designs will appear in random order. A lot of you were complaining that if a design happened to appear top of the voting (this would happen by chance depending on when it was uploaded) that it would gain an unfair advantage, ie it would be the first design people saw for 24 hours+ when they went to the vote page. So now the newest 50 designs are randomised in terms of order, meaning your design has an equal chance of being seen first. We hope this will give all designs an equal chance.

    (3) The "Most Popular" Designs section now shows the designs that received the most votes in the 3 weeks they were up for voting.

    (4) Just on a more general note there's a lot of questions about how we pick designs. The Qwertee community's votes are always the number one factor in picking designs, you guys tell us what you want to see and we print them!

    That said a voting system will always have it's flaws, certain fandoms with the biggest followings will get the most votes, but in the interested of having a balanced mix of designs we'll then add in other designs that have less votes but will ensure variety. There is no exact science to this but after 4+ years and over nearly 2000 designs printed we feel we've got a pretty good idea of what you guys like!

    We're currently printing 21 new designs per week now, so this will allow us to work with more artists and bring you an even better mix of designs than ever before.

    Anyway we hope that the new any improved voting system will make things fairer. It's certainly not a perfect system (we've spent an awful lot of time trying to make it as fair as we can) but we certainly think it's a big improvement on the previous version and should both make things fairer for artists submitting designs as well as helping make it clearer what the Qwertee Community wants to see print next.


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