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Dawn of the Daleks

by Chokokuka
1097 Votes
This design has finished being up for voting on Qwertee, depending on how popular it is you may see it available in the near future. To vote for designs currently up for voting and to help us pick the next tee to be on sale at Qwertee just click here.

About This Design:

The Daleks have risen to destroy the world...best call the Doctor then. This is a modified version of a design that has proven popular over on Redbubble. I've adapted it to stay within the four colour limit, and also made the sun bigger. Oh, and I've retitled it...

The Artist: Chokokuka

Mild mannered office worker by day, occasional t-shirt designer by night. I'm influenced by art, film, science fiction and periodic episodes of randomness. I've flirted with photography and sculpture and now I'm trying t-shirts on for size... Other places on the interweb where I can readily be found; www.redbubble.com/people/chokokuka www.twitter.com/Chokokuka www.chokokuka.tumblr.com www.facebook.com/pages/Chokokuka-T-shirts/231023600247936
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