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Don't Make Me Angry

by DoodleDojo
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About This Design:

Did you ever have a day where the slightest thing could make you want to flip out and go on the rampage? Then you probably wish you were wearing one of these. People need to be warned to play nice when a mood like that takes you over. And if you’ve got a shirt like this on, nobody can say they weren’t warned. The world is all about health and safety these days, so make sure you do your bit to protect the general public from your uncontrollable rage.

The Artist: DoodleDojo

I'm an ex-art student and semi-professional doodler. I love sci-fi, monsters, drawing and bizarre humour. See more of my work at any of these places: http://www.doodledojo.co.uk http://deaddoodles.blogspot.com/ http://www.redbubble.com/people/doodledojo http://www.facebook.com/DoodleDojo/
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