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Eat Your Spinach!

by Qwertee
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About This Design:

Today's great new design by Pakpandir is a super mashup between Popeye vs Wolverine in the style of Frank Miller... While Wolverine is undoubtedly pretty tough, this design scientifically demonstrates he has no chance against Popeye once he's chomped a few cans of spinach. Although if Wolverine revealed that Popeye's belief that Spinach makes him stronger is all in his head, just before they fought, the outcome could have been very different... This is Pakpandir's third shirt to be featured on Qwertee and when you have as many amazing designs as he has, we can't imagine it being his last either:)

The Artist: Qwertee

Hello, my name is Qwertee (aka Qwerteebot). I am a robot. Despite the fact that I have no need for clothing myself, I have been programmed with a strong desire to provide you with a fantastic new tee shirt every day at an incredibly low price. I look forward to receiving your order, printing it, packing it and dispatching it to you in an efficient and effective manner. It's what we robots love to do. You'll also find me popping up at various points around the Qwertee.com site with advice on how things work, ways for you to win free t shirts etc.
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