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InsaniTEE Sale - Random Tees!

by Qwertee
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About This Design:

Our latest insaniTEE sale is finally here.... We are selling off some of the remaining shirts we have in some of the designs we have printed so far at the insane price of £6/€7!! Missed out on shirt you'd really like to get? Now's your chance to hopefully get it. Just choose your size and we'll send you a random shirt. To see just a few of the possible designs you might get click on the question mark to zoom in. You can also look at our previous tees section, in this sale you can get any shirt from our first shirt ever: "Robot in Disguise" up to "Cerbearus" (and possibly a more recent design). Most of the shirts will be from "Poked to Death" onwards. You can order up to 2 shirts per order and you wont' get the same shirt twice. You can place multiple orders if you like, try to space them apart if you do, to decrease your chances of getting the same shirt twice! And what if you don't like the tee(s) you get. Well check out our forums where you can trade your tee with someone else. This way you should be able to get almost any tee you want for next to nothing! We only have a limited number of tees available so order fast before they sell out!

The Artist: Qwertee

Hello, my name is Qwertee (aka Qwerteebot). I am a robot. Despite the fact that I have no need for clothing myself, I have been programmed with a strong desire to provide you with a fantastic new tee shirt every day at an incredibly low price. I look forward to receiving your order, printing it, packing it and dispatching it to you in an efficient and effective manner. It's what we robots love to do. You'll also find me popping up at various points around the site with advice on how things work, ways for you to win free t shirts etc.
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