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Getting the perfect fit is easy. Just grab your favourite tee shirt, lay it flat on a table, take a few measurements and pick the closest matching shirt. If you are in between 2 sizes always go on the larger, chances are your favourite tee has shrunk a little since you got it. Shirt sizes can vary by +/- 3cm, and will shrink by 1-3 cm over time. If in doubt, go on the bigger size! WOMEN (especially in the US and UK) Some customers say our shirts fit small compared to what they are used to (sometimes called Junior fit) so you may need to order up 1-2 sizes from usual. If in doubt compare to a tee you own that fit you. Thanks!

Shirt Width:

Lay your shirt flat on a table and measure the width under the arms (Measurement A on diagram)

Shirt Length:

Measure the length of your t-shirt from the seam at the neck to the bottom of the garment. (Measurement B on diagram)

Hoodie/sweater Sizing:

Our hoodie/sweater sizing broadly matches our Unisex tees so if you wear a Medium in them, choose a Medium Hoodie/Sweater also. To pick your closest size measure your chest size (that's all the way around your chest at it's widest part under your arms and compare it to the chart below picking the closest size. As with our tees, our Hoodies/Sweater tend to follow a slimmer fit, so if in doubt or between two sizes we'd always recommend ordering the larger one.

Width (cm) 46 51 56 61 66 70
Length (cm) 69 71 73 76 78 80
Width (cm) 40.5 43 47 49.5 55
Length (cm) 64 66 69 71 72
Width (cm) 43 46 48.5
Length (cm) 55 60 65
Chest Size (cm) 92-101 102-112 112-117 117-122 127-132
Chest Size (cm) 46 51 56 61 66
Length (cm) 70 73 75.50 78 81.50
Womens SizesSMLXLXXL
Chest Size (cm) 41 43 47 50 56
Length (cm) 64 67 69 71 72
InsaniTEE Sale: Random Tees! by Qwertee
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About Design:

Our latest insaniTEE sale is finally here....Missed out on shirt you'd really like to get? Now's your chance to hopefully get it. The insaniTEE sale is where we sell off all the remaining shirts we have left in some of the designs we have printed so far. Just choose your size and we'll send you a random shirt(s). This time the sale will go on for 72 hours or until all our shirts are sold out, whichever happens first. Shirts start at the insane price of £6/€7/$8 and will continue to go lower until they are all sold! Stock is strictly limited so once a size is sold out it's gone! You can wait for longer to try and get your shirts for cheaper, but if you do this your size may sell out so it's up to you when to buy! Just choose your size and we'll send you a random shirt. To see just a few of the possible designs you might get click on the question mark to zoom in. You can also look at our previous tees section, in this sale you can get any shirt from our first shirt ever: "Robot in Disguise" up to "Vadermeister" (and possibly a more recent design). Most of the shirts will be from "I'm a Potato" onwards. You can order up to 2 shirts per order, if you order 2 shirts in the same size we'll ensure you don't get the same design twice. You can place multiple orders if you like, try to space them apart by at least a few hours if you do, to decrease your chances of getting the same design twice! And what if you don't like the tee(s) you get? Well check out our forums where you can trade your tee with someone else. This way you should be able to get almost any tee you want for next to nothing! As mentioned, we only have the stock we have so once it's gone, it's gone! Happy InsaniTEE shopping:)


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