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It Also Travels In Time

by D4N13L
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About This Design:

This is a quote from the ninth doctor when he comes back for Rose.... Apparently I'll be honest with you. I have absolutely no knowledge of Dr Who so there will be no amusing quips about todays tee, puns about it being Dalektable etc. Obviously many of you must like the subject matter as it is currently our most voted for tee! It's brought to you by D4N13L, a designer with a great portfolio of work (see below) and until very recently the designer of our top selling tee, "Dine in Hell" We're sure this design is going to do very well also, be sure to let us know what you think of it below!

The Artist: D4N13L

My name's D4N13L, a.k.a. Daniel the Bolivian designer! :D Feeling naked? here, have some AWESOME TEES!
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