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by Qwertee
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About This Design:

Here's a superb tribute to one of the greatest series of films from of the 80s by Lunchboxbrain, another new designer here on Qwertee. While undeniably excellent, the BTTF series do suffer from a number of plot holes, as any self respecting time travel based yarn will tend to. Perhaps the biggest problem of all with the original BTTF movie is that everybody seems to completely forget about Marty the moment he leaves. Would Mr and Mrs McFly not think it strange that a major clothing label was later set up bearing the same unusual name as that weird guy that turned up one summer and then disappeared forever? And more importantly would George McFly not have been more than a little concerned when their child grew up to look exactly like the same young man that his wife had fallen for in high school? One suspects time travel involving a DeLorean and a crazy scientist would not have been the first potential explanation that sprang into his mind:) These are all inevitable topics for discussion when you wear this fantastic tee. You just better hope you don't run into Biff in it..."Hey McFly!" etc...

The Artist: Qwertee

Hello, my name is Qwertee (aka Qwerteebot). I am a robot. Despite the fact that I have no need for clothing myself, I have been programmed with a strong desire to provide you with a fantastic new tee shirt every day at an incredibly low price. I look forward to receiving your order, printing it, packing it and dispatching it to you in an efficient and effective manner. It's what we robots love to do. You'll also find me popping up at various points around the Qwertee.com site with advice on how things work, ways for you to win free t shirts etc.
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