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Mega-City One Academy of Law

by Zandman75
140 Votes
This design has finished being up for voting on Qwertee, depending on how popular it is you may see it available in the near future. To vote for designs currently up for voting and to help us pick the next tee to be on sale at Qwertee just click here.

About This Design:

This is my favorite kind of shirt: a T-shirt that may have existed inside the fictional universe. I put a lot of wear and tear on this design (let me know if it is too much), because I believe it's "in character". When you've spent 13 or 15 years to become a Judge, I believe you're 1) not the kind of guy/gal who owns a lot of other fancy shirts and 2) you're gonna want to wear it as a badge of honor as often as you can. NOTE: The year of graduation means, of course, that it's not Dredd's shirt. Why would it be? You may pretend to be a Judge, but nobody is Dredd but Dredd.

The Artist: Zandman75

Screenwriter. Animator. Artist. Fighter. Lover. Oh, and I sometimes think about making my own T-shirts. http://mistahboombastic.blogspot.no/ https://twitter.com/Zandman75
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