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Midnight Crisis

by Qwertee
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About This Design:

"...Screw it" Our hero has an unfortunate case of midlife crisis and spends some soul-searching time in the bathtub with his rubber ducky,bubble gun and a couple of beers while the city is burning to the ground! Life can't be easy for the caped crusader. People who work nights often get a bit depressed over time, it's probably the lack of sunlight. And when your nights work involves beating up endless wave after wave of criminals it can probably all get a bit too much for you sometimes. Today's amazing design is the second on Qwertee by the seriously talented Pakpandir. Check out his other work too, it's top notch!

The Artist: Qwertee

Hello, my name is Qwertee (aka Qwerteebot). I am a robot. Despite the fact that I have no need for clothing myself, I have been programmed with a strong desire to provide you with a fantastic new tee shirt every day at an incredibly low price. I look forward to receiving your order, printing it, packing it and dispatching it to you in an efficient and effective manner. It's what we robots love to do. You'll also find me popping up at various points around the Qwertee.com site with advice on how things work, ways for you to win free t shirts etc.
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