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Monster Food Chain

by Tuism
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About This Design:

While one might think that all classic movie monsters are created equal and, indeed, are equally scary, this is not the case. There is a hierarchy in their world, a "Monster Food Chain" if you will. Lowest on the food chain is poor Frankie. He was never the brightest and thus he practically walked into the belly of the Werewolf. While the Werewolf or Wolf Man is a pretty fearsome foe, send him on an all expenses trip to Skull Island and he would be nothing but an appetiser for the Ape Wonder of the World, aka KONG! And while you might assume a 40 foot tall giant monkey would surely top of the pile, even he cannot compete with a creature who is (depending on your movie) up to 100 metres tall, breathes fire and destroy's Japanese capital cities like you might take a Sunday stroll in a park. So there you have it, the complete classic movie "Monster Food Chain" all neatly explained on a tee shirt!

The Artist: Tuism

Tuism is Steven Tu the artist. I think about all sorts of weird things like Asians, Star Wars, Mecha, Android, design, cats, dinosaurs, Space Invaders, and the like. Please hit up http://www.tuism.com for my art blog, http://www.thesteventu.com to see my design portfolio And join me on http://www.twitter.com/tuism and http://www.facebook.com/thesteventu
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