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Neighbourhood Friends

by Kannaya
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About This Design:

Some of my favourite characters in a vector style focused on symmetry and hierarchy.

The Artist: Kannaya

Basically I am a geek and designer. I am made up of the elements below. I enjoy vidoegames, anime, comics, vinyl toys, reading, movies and disc golf. 65% human 12% controlled substances 10% kitty 7% vinyl 4% glitter 2% crushed up videogames {Portfolio} HeyAshley.com {Blog} kannaya.tumblr.com {Etsy} etsy.com/shop/Kannaya {Twitter} HeyKannaya {Flickr} flickr.com/photos/kannaya {redbubble} redbubble.com/people/Kannaya {deviantArt} heykannaya.deviantart.com
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