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Petit Rouge Rhapsody

by DoodleDojo
202 Votes
This design has finished being up for voting on Qwertee, depending on how popular it is you may see it available in the near future. To vote for designs currently up for voting and to help us pick the next tee to be on sale at Qwertee just click here.

About This Design:

The crew of Red Dwarf recreate a classic musical moment. Probably unintentionally. I expect a light bulb had blown or something.

The Artist: DoodleDojo

I'm an ex-art student and semi-professional doodler. I love sci-fi, monsters, drawing and bizarre humour. See more of my work at any of these places: http://www.doodledojo.co.uk http://deaddoodles.blogspot.com/ http://www.redbubble.com/people/doodledojo http://www.facebook.com/DoodleDojo/
Profile Page: click here

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