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Physical Attraction

by radiomode
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About This Design:

In the words of Olivia Newton John... "Let's get physical!" Confuse your simple friends and amuse your clever ones with this science-based play on the natural laws of the universe. So don't be a an electron (negative) or a fence-sitting (neutral) neutrino, be positive and electrify your wardrobe with this geeky/nerdy masterpiece. And if that isn't enough to tempt you, you could just buy today's tee because of it's great colour scheme and lovely clean design. "Let's get animal...Let me hear your body talk...etc"

The Artist: radiomode

Budi Satria Kwan is a graphic maker based in Singapore. T-shirt designer and graphic problem solver. I run Concrete Rocket, where you can buy t-shirts. Concrete Rocket t-shirts are custom tailored. They are made slim and exclusively for Concrete Rocket only. Concrete Rocket does not use blanks. We are one of a kind: www.concreterocket.com I also create designs that sells. My portfolio website: www.budikwan.com
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