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Robot in Disguise

by Biotwist
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About This Design:

While Optimus Prime and the boys might look quite impressive while transforming from robots into road vehicles they are expending vast amounts of unnecessary effort. There are much more basic ways of creating a foolproof disguise as today's shirt demonstrates. Indeed if Superman's Clark Kent disguise (which required nothing more than a pair of glasses and a hair-do modification) was enough to baffle the entire investigative reporting staff of the Daily Planet then this autobot should be completely unrecognisable in this get up. In fact had I not told you who it was you would surely have never realised...

The Artist: Biotwist

I'm just a dude who likes to make things... I want this world to have more detail and color even though I'm partially color blind. I paint, edit videos, sculpt, photograph, and draw. wile I am a decent artist I'm far from where i want to be with art but I'm working on it
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