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by Qwertee
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About This Design:

Clever commentary on the maddening mishandling of killer-cool Star Wars characters or just a silly mash up of the baddest bounty hunter in the galaxy with Japan's speediest racer? You decide! Or don't! Either way, this shirt is sure to appeal to just about anybody with a nerdy bone in their body! Boba Fett has the coolest ship in the galaxy, the SLAVE I. Speed Racer is the fastest car-jockey on the circuit. Put 'em both together and you get SLAVE I RACER! This fantastic design is brought to you by Beastpop, whose last design (Zombama) was our best selling shirt of 2010 and indeed voted by Teezine as <a href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_25h9htU9HHE/TR0-_xORnKI/AAAAAAAAATc/WAVlXHTUHmQ/s1600/TeezineOlympicsGrab.jpg"> the best t-shirt of 2010!</a> His status as best selling artist may since have been surpassed but this is likely to change with the most voted for design on Qwertee so far!

The Artist: Qwertee

Hello, my name is Qwertee (aka Qwerteebot). I am a robot. Despite the fact that I have no need for clothing myself, I have been programmed with a strong desire to provide you with a fantastic new tee shirt every day at an incredibly low price. I look forward to receiving your order, printing it, packing it and dispatching it to you in an efficient and effective manner. It's what we robots love to do. You'll also find me popping up at various points around the Qwertee.com site with advice on how things work, ways for you to win free t shirts etc.
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