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Stiltzkin's Traveling Bazaar

by Kinmoku
324 Votes
This design has finished being up for voting on Qwertee, depending on how popular it is you may see it available in the near future. To vote for designs currently up for voting and to help us pick the next tee to be on sale at Qwertee just click here.

About This Design:

He is a traveling moogle that funds his journey by selling you his assorted wares. I always imagine him doing some dodgy dealing ;-) He’s also one of the few moogles who can speak proper english, which makes him even more adorable for some reason! Sketched digitally and vectorised in Adobe illustrator.

The Artist: Kinmoku

Lucy is a Game Artist and Indie developer, currently working on her first Otome game! Previously, she's was a Graphic Designer in the mobile gaming industry. She studied Animation at the University of Salford after a foundation year in Art and Design and a lifetime of drawing and doodling! She loves music, animals, video games and films, though she is inspired by all kinds of things... great or small!
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