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The Empire Strikes Out

by ianleino
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About This Design:

It's an epic day here on the field in Tattoine. The bottom of the 9th. 2 men on base, with the Rebel home team ahead by 2 runs. Typically a big hitter, Vader hasn't made much of a showing in this game, and really needs to land one here to pull out a victory for the team and salvage his own record as well. After a conference with co-managers Yoda and Kenobi, rising star Skywalker returns to the mound with strong set to his jaw and look of grim determination in his eye, perhaps remembering the beating that the Rebels took the last time they faced this team on the icy fields of Hoth. He winds up. Here's the pitch. Vader swings ... and it's NO GOOD! The Empire has struck out, and the Rebels seize the day! This is a HUGE win for the scrappy Rebel team, and gives them just the push they need for when they face the mighty Empire next on their own turf at the Death Star, as this storied rivalry continues.

The Artist: ianleino

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