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Tonight we dine in HELL!!

by D4N13L
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About This Design:

King Leonidas: "Eat your breakfast heartly for tonight we dine in HELL!! Spartans: "HA-OOH!" Today's tee is tribute to the great film adaptation of an equally great graphic novel featuring a lot of muscular, scantily clad Spartans. It is also the first print here at Qwertee by the crazily talented D4N13L and, based on the popularity of his other designs, the first of many. As with many action movies 300 was not without issues...Such as the wisdom of kicking messengers into your city's primary water supply in a time when disease was rampant... or how the Ancient Greeks and Persians strangely spoke the same language.... Either way enjoy today's fantastic tee! And check out the free sticker give-away below...

The Artist: D4N13L

My name's D4N13L, a.k.a. Daniel the Bolivian designer! :D Feeling naked? here, have some AWESOME TEES!
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