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Getting the perfect fit is easy. Just grab your favourite tee shirt, lay it flat on a table, take a few measurements and pick the closest matching shirt. If you are in between 2 sizes always go on the larger, chances are your favourite tee has shrunk a little since you got it. Shirt sizes can vary by +/- 3cm, and will shrink by 1-3 cm over time. If in doubt, go on the bigger size! WOMEN (especially in the US and UK) Some customers say our shirts fit small compared to what they are used to (sometimes called Junior fit) so you may need to order up 1-2 sizes from usual. If in doubt compare to a tee you own that fit you. Thanks!

Shirt Width:

Lay your shirt flat on a table and measure the width under the arms (Measurement A on diagram)

Shirt Length:

Measure the length of your t-shirt from the seam at the neck to the bottom of the garment. (Measurement B on diagram)

Hoodie/sweater Sizing:

Our hoodie/sweater sizing broadly matches our Unisex tees so if you wear a Medium in them, choose a Medium Hoodie/Sweater also. To pick your closest size measure your chest size (that's all the way around your chest at it's widest part under your arms and compare it to the chart below picking the closest size. As with our tees, our Hoodies/Sweater tend to follow a slimmer fit, so if in doubt or between two sizes we'd always recommend ordering the larger one.

Width (cm) 46 51 56 61 66 70
Length (cm) 69 71 73 76 78 80
Width (cm) 40.5 43 47 49.5 55
Length (cm) 64 66 69 71 72
Width (cm) 43 46 48.5
Length (cm) 55 60 65
Chest Size (cm) 92-101 102-112 112-117 117-122 127-132
You'll Miss Me if You Blink Twice by zerobriant
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About Design:

The Epic Battle that everybody has been waiting for :D Weeping Angel VS The Silence 4500++ Notes on Tumblr http://bit.ly/lwX6tf "A match so epic, you're going to forget you ever saw it."-Sandra Fenton "I WOULD SELL MY HOUSE AND EVERYTHING I LOVE FOR THIS"-rudebutnotaginger "OMG. BRB buying eyedrops so I never need to blink again."-glompkitty "EPIC STARE DOWN!!!!" -Ruth Jimenez Vote and comment, and you will get a chance to win some awesome vintage looking stickers! http://on.fb.me/iTS1oc When this gets printed, I will be giving away posters and more stickers!! Happy Voting!


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