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Zombie Brains Soup

by nicewon
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About This Design:

One wonders if Cannibal's Brain Soup really existed would we have any zombie related problems. Presumably they'd happily slurp away on this stuff and leave us humans alone? Then again that is assuming that zombies have the mental capacity and manual dexterity to operate a tin opener which is by no means a certainty. What is certain is that today's tee from Nicewon is sure to be a hit with you guys, it has flown up through the <a href="http://qwertee.com/vote/">voting pages</a> in a very short time, and on the back of the success of Zombama it seems you guys have an insatiable thirst for Brains! yourselves. We hope this satisfies your demand and you leave our brains uneaten so we can keep bringing you more great designs like this one:)

The Artist: nicewon

You will find me mainly here: http://tinyurl.com/nicewon Or here: https://twitter.com/#!/nicewon Check out the side art: if you like it.. please vote. If you don't like it.. please vote twice.
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