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Most designers use the regular submit page: just click here for it. But some artists don’t like vote competitions, having to promote designs etc, so this page is for you guys! If you want to submit a design directly to us and not put it up for voting, just do so here. If we’re interested in printing it we’ll get in touch with you. We may put it up for voting ourselves to see if the Qwertee community likes it but you won’t have to do any work!

1. Give your design a name

2. Upload a picture of your design

Please upload a jpeg image, under 400kb of your design and preferably mocked up on a tee. If you want, you can click here to download our mockup kit to help with this.

Image must be exactly 900px (w) by 500px (h)
Image must be under 400Kb and JPEG only!

Click to upload

3. Your contact email

4. Agree to terms and submit

Has this been on sale elsewhere? If so, how has it sold?

Additional verification required, please complete the following:

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